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Not much to report.. Been myself all my life.. Always wondered why I picked me when I was born (guess I drew the short straw).

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Answered: How to apply for your deceased husband pension?

Depends on what your referring to.. A company pension should be contacted through their corporate office. Social security through the s.s. local office.. You can receive survivor's benefits at age 60 ...

Answered: What kind of liquid do you use in a snow globe?

All you need is some glass jars, water, a little glycerin, glitter, and hot glue!! Just fill up the glass jar with distilled water (to prevent hard water stains) to about one inch from the top.. add ...

Answered: What happens when your released from county jail?

Your on your own.. When your time is up, they are no longer responsible for you and they have no more interest.. You will now have to find your own way back home.. They give you no money, no bus token ...

Answered: What to do when you have a boss that is verbally ...

Two options.. (1) Wear a hidden audio or video recorder and catch everything he does or says (you would have to record at least three separate sessions) then find a hungry lawyer and sue the bastard ...

Answered: I'm having a hard time signing in to AOL ...

Do you have Advanced System Care with Anti Virus? I do and get that security certificate all the time (it does however allow me through once I click 'approve') I haven't found the link to change this ...

Answered: Which presidents served two terms back to back?

You ask a lot poster.. Here's the list of two term presidents: 01. (1st) George Washington (1789-97).. (NO PARTY) 02. (3rd) Thomas Jefferson (1801-09).. (D/R) 03. (4th) James Madison (1809-17).. (D/R ...

Answered: How to act around police washington state?

That's what makes them suspicious.. When you 'act'.. Don't act, be yourself. Acting means doing or saying something you wouldn't ordinarily do. If you're guilty (of something) acting contrary will ...

Answered: Who has the most vote obama or romney?

Nobody has the most votes until November 6th.. Polls and statistics are useless in these situations.. they only frustrate the masses as none of them (in their particular bias) can even agree with each ...

Answered: How to make a cake that looks like a real heart?

It all has to do with the mold (or baking pan) You've got me on the 'real' heart but pans shaped in the traditional heart image you can find most anywhere.

Answered: What is good to serve with steak for a barbeque?

Barbecue Beans and potato salad (or cole slaw).


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