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Not much to report.. Been myself all my life.. Always wondered why I picked me when I was born (guess I drew the short straw).

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Answered: Can Mormons Baptize Anne Frank?

I have no opinion on this matter because there's really nothing to debate.. The Mormons did it, the Baptists (and other religions) disagree.. the Baptists (and other religions) follow certain things ...

Answered: How can I get to my desktop on windows 8 without a ...

Follow me: START.. CONTROL PANEL.. USER ACCOUNTS.. Choose your account (ie, you, guest, etc.) Highlight and to the top left click: REMOVE YOUR PASSWORD.. (if there are more than you using the computer ...

Answered: How to make a stray cat friendly?

Just leave food and water just outside the back door or inside the garage. Don't attempt to reach for the cat, allow it to get used to you. If the cat allows you to get within reach, don't move ...

Answered: Is the Silent Movie Making a Comeback?

I doubt it.. The last one that picked up those 'lame duck' awards was a change of pace, especially where the young'uns (post 1980's births) are concerned.. It'll get old real fast then passé like the ...

Answered: Will YOU Try a Bacon Milkshake?

Vanilla ice cream and bacon rinds? No thanks.

Answered: What happens when your equalibriam is out of ...

First off, explain to me: Just what is a 'whack'..? Okay, now to your equilibrium .. It can cause dizziness, an inability to maintain your balance (especially in dark rooms) and cause nausea.. It's ...

Answered: Why is it when i brew coffee the water pools in ...

It's called a 'drip' coffee maker for a reason.. To give the hot water enough time to extract the coffee from the bean.. If it's pooling to the point where it's over filling the filter then clean the ...

Answered: Pope: Gays Threat Human Future. Is He Right?

A threat to a tradition? Possibly, but to humanity? Not in our lifetime nor any other generation.. We've lived with them for ages.. We've been ruled by them, entertained by them, became rich with ...

Answered: Scholarships for Atheists?

Why not? (cute) Atheists are people too.


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