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Not much to report.. Been myself all my life.. Always wondered why I picked me when I was born (guess I drew the short straw).

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Answered: What do you think about Brazil's loss against ...

Bottom line? Somebody had to win.. It was a 50 - 50chance and it favored Germany in the final count.. But don't be too upset.. Let the Germans have their moment in the sun, after all one out of three ...

Answered: How do you reduce email picture size?

Simply place it (them) first into paint then click 'Resize' (top left) and enter a lower number than 100 (like 55 to 75) in the pop-up box (you only need to do it in one of the two boxes). You can ...

Answered: What century did Carrie Bradshaw live in? How ...

You magnificent nincompoop.. I could not find a 'male' Carrie Bradshaw (as was stated in your question) but Carrie Bradshaw is a fictional character (played as a teenager by AnnaSophia Robb and as an ...

Answered: Where 's all the real people???

It seems as though everyone is missing the point and commenting about a certain posters answers, my gripe is questions.. for instance what I ran into a few minutes ago: Q: what time does the Gemini 7 ...

Answered: How can i help my children, who have turned ...

There 's nothing you can do except hope they don't turn on you which they would if you interfered into their drama because when you reach an agreement with one then the others will hold it against you ...

Answered: What if the jury rule you to be guilty and you get ...

Simple.. You go to jail and do your time, bow! bow! bow!..

Answered: How to divide 15 feet into 8 equal parts?

22.5".. first multiply 15 by 12'' then divide the sum back into 15.

Answered: How to kill cockroaches and eggs?

Forget murder and buy yourself a half dozen geckos and let them loose in your house.. they won't harm humans, will not attack and within a couple months you'll be roach free and your geckos will move ...

Answered: Client is sending me messages about ...

Don't fall for the hype.. They (probably) just want your credit card number and if your too smart to reveal it then plan B will target your systems ID then a bit of hacking then at the very least you ...

Answered: How much can one earn when collecting social ...

Dependent upon how much one contributes over their entire working life.. it can not be specific.. The average is approx. $1200.00 month but don't expect this amount as averages are an unreliable ...


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