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If Not For June

If not for June, 
My memories of Winter in December...
With a wish to witness, 
The freshness of Spring March would bring...
Would not still remain so vivid.
As if only yesterday visited.
If not for June.

If not for June, 
My eyesight would not be teased...
By the freedom felt in Summer, 
With hopes that linger of those things I could do, 
Under clear skies showing bright Sun.
And seeing the fun shared by nearly everyone, 
If not for June.

And if not for June I would not be able to reminisce, 
From so many experiences I could pick.
June seems to be the month I can do this.
With a thankfulness I am still in the midst, 
Of a year that appears to have just begun.
With so much left to offer before it is done.
And for me this happens only when June comes. 

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LadyE says:
"Melissa E -- Your June Poem tells a lot about you. Wish more people would appreciate the seasons."
Melissa T. says:
"Hi Lisa thanks for being nice."
Hi. says:
"Hey thanks for helping me on my question oh my gosh you was very right i am glad you are on aol answers!!"