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Answered: Assessing the President

Obama just engineered the largest spending bill in American history (with the help of the socialist democratic controlled congress). Now he wants to balance the buget. What a joke! The people of ...

Answered: Car lose value

The answer is very simple to figure out. If the car is depriciating at a rate of 14% per year, that means it is retaining 86% of it's value each year (100-14=86). So multiply .86 x .86 x .86 and you ...

Answered: Is Forex Really A Balanced Market

I found the answer to my question about forex being a balanced market. There is a web site called and that is one of the questions that they have a special report on called "The ...

Answered: Is Forex Really A Balanced Market

I'm pretty sure that it is balanced - I found a web site on the internet called: and they sent me a report that shows how the currencies are calculated and stay in balance. You ...

Answered: What are the markets and mechanics involved in ...

Holly - Arbitrage means making a trade without risk. It works best in a balanced market like currency trading in the off-exchange Forex market. With currency pairs, they must stay in balance ...

Asked: Is Forex Really A Balanced Market

I have heard that forex is a balanced market - can anyone explain that to me?

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