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Our dwindling supply of leftists feel particularly morose, depressed, and hopeless around Christmas. That is all their fault. They feel it acutely because guilt will never leave them alone -- and will be their sole companion for eternity.
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Answered: What happened in 1728 in kinderkamack nj?

There was a terrible recurrence of nightmares, that sent nearly everyone to a state of nervous collapse almost instantly: they found out that political jokes are real!

Answered: What is the trouble with Tribbles?

Scotty found a way to deal with the ever-cuddly tribbles (who could not abide Klingons nor could Klingons abide tribbles). He beamed all the tribbles to the Klingon ship. "It was no tribble at ...

Answered: Looking for an Inventory Software

Actually, Microsoft Excel is one of the best all around inventory control packages you will find. If you have an intensive point-of-sale application, Microsoft has specialized software that is ideal ...

Answered: Do these unemployable emotionally disturbed ...

In that I never met Rocmike, I had to look him up. I found several instances of Rocmike3, the oldest dating back several years. That would appear to be the genuine one. In reading some of his ...

Answered: Obama on gun control: Expand surveillance ...

I have to wonder where our leftist minority gets their delusions. It is not difficult to make weapons. Tobin Carter is a typical disgusting racist Democrat but I must concede that even that ignorant ...

Answered: How to Hack a Facebook password?

It is never difficult to sneak in a "trackbot" or "phishbot" on people, and even the best anti-virus software can have difficulty locating them. Any site that sets cookies can also set trackbots and ...

Answered: IP Addresses

There are umpteen Internet Protocol Address Identification software packages available, that show the full backpath and IPA of any post on the Internet. FCC rules require all Internet Service ...

Answered: Do you think that the police could have done more?

I don't know that it matters, considering the fact that QOTD is a leftist liberal, therefore he screams hatred day and night and demands that everyone in America kill police officers. Yes sir ...

Answered: Happy Mothers Day to Joyce Peller!!!

Apparently, Joyce Peller is one of the decent and intelligent persons Tadpole chased out, because decent and intelligent persons do not worship craven prostitute cults of drunken heresy like radical ...

Answered: I bought flowers for my Mother

It would appear that dfrogpong-Lester is a true Muslim, because she has made a dead man her god. After all, Muslims worship Mohammed instead of God so that makes the entire cult absoluitely ...


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Drunken Mike says:
"Your wit and wisdom simply flies over the heads of the dim bulb leftist atheists. They will never understand a superior intellect such as yours."
MGySgt Edward S. Renner USMC says:
"Others call you Anselmo therefore so shall I. I appreciate your erudite, witty, and down-to-earth sense of priorities. It is good to see that there are still a few people with backbones!"
Bob Suffolk says:
"It is good to see people with the gumption to stand up for what is right even in the face of stubborn opposition. "
Rick Barnett says:
"Always "in your face," straight up and quick witted, you put the enemy on his heels and keep him there. It is quite intriguing how you proved the value of good religion and disproved all the tales of atheism. And I love your story! That is a kick in the a$$ to say the least!"
Dennis Newman says:
"Your story is hysterical! I have to say you are right about people and politics, but I just wish I could keep up with you about math and science. Keep up the good work!"
Dr. Kelly says:
"Allow me to agree with Lady Darko, Anselmo. You have a unique perspective, but it is well considered and practical. Most encouraging as I consider it. Keep on posting! You do have a case!"
Morgan says:
"Interesting to say the least and exceptionally different to say the most. I like you. Lady Darko"
Serenity says:
"Most insightful! I appreciate your ability with science. never having studied science, I have stayed to philosophy and spirituality, yet you show that there is much common ground. Are not these the signs of a coming second rennaissance? The last brought us the Age of Capricorn, that lasted until we landed men on the moon and began the exploration of the solar system. The Age of Aquarius will explore the human mind."
ddavel544 says:
"Thanks, you make pretty good cents"
MikeBuilder123 says:
"Well, whoever you are, I liked your story. ;) You have the correct view of life also. I hope that soon, whoever it will cease peeing in your CO's whiskey, but that should be good cause for him to go on the wagon!"