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Our dwindling supply of leftists feel particularly morose, depressed, and hopeless around Christmas. That is all their fault. They feel it acutely because guilt will never leave them alone -- and will be their sole companion for eternity.
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Answered: Why do people have such an inability to solve ...

Problem solving takes a certain amount of intelligence: leftists lack that intelligence.

Answered: Why do people have such an inability to solve ...

We can certainly write much of that stupidity off against our one leftist, who hoped to commandeer this service in the name of Obama and the Communist Party USA. Would it matter, as none of the above ...

Commented: About Trampo's answer

No rational person tolerates hatred, but the Democrats have always depended on hate mongering to get their way. Democrats have always been utterly loveless and disloyal. Is there any hope that they ...

Commented: About Trampo's answer

No rational person tolerates hatred, but ponder, when have the Democrats not depended exclusively on hatred to get their way? Such tactics are very foolish. We bear the brunt for the folly of ...

Commented: About Brother Bill's answer

There is no last word in diplomacy. Our Democrats are ashen with fear that if we open rational discussion, they will not get their way. How many people must die for Democrats to claim that they ...

Commented: About MGySgt Edward S. Renner USMC's answer

Our Democrats engineered the accursed Generation Gap, for political gains that they did not realize. As the result, racism became acceptable through the entire rank and file of the Democrat party, as ...

Answered: What is the most advanced country in the world ...

I'm a man of peace: I take up arms for no one, as that is not my calling in life. Yet there are fighting men who post on AOL Answers constantly, and rest a truly unnerving case: that America is no ...

Answered: In what book is this quote found?

Kindly note that the Law of Moses was repealed -- by Christ -- for our sake. He paid our penalty, as the prophecies all attest. The law showed us how faulted we are. Grace showed us how perfect God ...

Answered: What is a customary tip for wheelchair service at ...

Usually, it is $10.00. These days, who can tell if that $10.00 bill is worth the price of a hot dog?

Answered: Fast food workers plan to strike nationwide on ...

It will do nothing, as fast food restaurants do not hire skilled workers: their unskilled (and in-exclusive) work force is so easily replaced that they will strike at 7:00 AM and be fully replaced by ...


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Drunken Mike says:
"Your wit and wisdom simply flies over the heads of the dim bulb leftist atheists. They will never understand a superior intellect such as yours."
MGySgt Edward S. Renner USMC says:
"Others call you Anselmo therefore so shall I. I appreciate your erudite, witty, and down-to-earth sense of priorities. It is good to see that there are still a few people with backbones!"
Bob Suffolk says:
"It is good to see people with the gumption to stand up for what is right even in the face of stubborn opposition. "
Rick Barnett says:
"Always "in your face," straight up and quick witted, you put the enemy on his heels and keep him there. It is quite intriguing how you proved the value of good religion and disproved all the tales of atheism. And I love your story! That is a kick in the a$$ to say the least!"
Dennis Newman says:
"Your story is hysterical! I have to say you are right about people and politics, but I just wish I could keep up with you about math and science. Keep up the good work!"
Dr. Kelly says:
"Allow me to agree with Lady Darko, Anselmo. You have a unique perspective, but it is well considered and practical. Most encouraging as I consider it. Keep on posting! You do have a case!"
Morgan says:
"Interesting to say the least and exceptionally different to say the most. I like you. Lady Darko"
Serenity says:
"Most insightful! I appreciate your ability with science. never having studied science, I have stayed to philosophy and spirituality, yet you show that there is much common ground. Are not these the signs of a coming second rennaissance? The last brought us the Age of Capricorn, that lasted until we landed men on the moon and began the exploration of the solar system. The Age of Aquarius will explore the human mind."
ddavel544 says:
"Thanks, you make pretty good cents"
MikeBuilder123 says:
"Well, whoever you are, I liked your story. ;) You have the correct view of life also. I hope that soon, whoever it will cease peeing in your CO's whiskey, but that should be good cause for him to go on the wagon!"