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Social Media Powered Entrepreneurial Woman, 13 year eMarketing veteran on a mission to connect and create business and interpersonal synergies.

Zahara is a Pioneer in Technology, being the very FIRST person in the world to use Podcasting for business.  Always on the cutting edge, an Expert in Internet Marketing and Consulting. Featured in many Business Journals and Society pages also a coveted Keynote Speaker.

Internet Marketing Consulting, SEO, Transaction Broker, Certified Internet Marketing Consultant, Branding, Top Negotiator and deal closer, Real Estate Cyberspace Society Chairman, Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, Realtor, Fundraiser and Chair for Several non-profit organizations.

Univison Interview
The South Florida Business Journal
The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing Interview
Technology and You interview for Planet Realtor
Technology and Intelligence Briefing for the National Association of Realtors
Cyberspace Society Interview
Associated Press Interview featured on Florida Today
Planet Realtor Interviewed by Dan Rafter
Wall Street Journal and Barron's Financial Weekly Exceptional Agent Recognition
Associated Press Interviewed by Ken McGuire
National Guest Speaker at RIS Media Convention & Expo

Zahara Properties
Zahara Mossman Biography and Blog
Zahara Personal Site
Podcast Realty®
Active Rain
Real Estate CyberSpace Society 
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Cyberspace Society Interview
Audio book Interviewed by Paul Pickering

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Talking about the Costa Rican Earthquake and how to help
Telemundo Interview on New Years Eve 2005
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How to help the Costa Rican earthquake victims cause
Eco-Visionaries Going Green Cause
Diabetes Research Event Chairman Zahara Mossman 
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Answered: Can I restrict my Facebook access to specific ...

Yes, you can. You have to go to settings in Facebook and adjust them accordingly :)

Answered: What are things like facebook, twitter, etc ...

They are called Social Networking and Micro-Blogging sites. They can be used in many ways, for example in business they would be used for marketing a product or a service. Also, they are a way to ...

Answered: How are you using social networking in your life?

I am using Social Media, Viral Marketing and Social Networking for everything related to getting the "message out". Primarily I use it for business, however I do take a moment to say hello to my ...

Answered: What is your favorite facebook application?

My favorite Facebok application is the photo gallery and the Causes app. because you can visit my cause not only on Facebook but online, at It's a great ...

Answered: Michael Phelps caught smoking weed! What do you ...

I'm proud of him and his accomplishments. He has achieved more in his life than most people do in a lifetime. We have no right to judge him.

Answered: What do you think about Jimmy Fallon on Late Show?

He totally rocks!! I'm watching him in Costa Rica...

Answered: Do you like the new Facebook page?

yeah, me too! It sucks, I mean I just got used to the other "new" Facebook page and here we go again!! WTF? It's really messy and I can't find my wall...

Asked: Do you like the new Facebook page?

Do you like the new Facebook page?

Answered: Can you see who has searched for you on facebook

who cares? seriously, people are costantly searching for people, what difference does it make? my favorite "group" on FB is the one where you find out who's deleted you from their friends list ...



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