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The person clearly demonstrated they have difficulty understanding a simple statement; blame has nothing to do with it--the difficulty he or she is having is a matter of fact.

Answered: Sex

Your dilemma can be answered with one word--toys. Explore your sexuality and don't be afraid to use vibrators and other toys such as dildos to satisfy your partner--when used while two people make ...

Answered: Why do people hate the dutch?

I'm not aware of any particular dislike for the Dutch in general though I know there are always whackos out there that dislike any or everything, but if it weren't the Dutch it would be someone or ...

Answered: How to get well with them ?

It sounds like you all need to sit down and talk about your arrangement and clarify who is responsible for what and how you feel about the way things are now. Obviously there has been a ...

Answered: What is the meaning of this when a love one tells ...

It means that you have a major problem listening to and understanding others around you and that you need to evaluate what you're going to do about it because you do need to do something about it.

Answered: How to cope with grief after the loss of a child?

As best you can. There are no set answers for such a bad situation.

Answered: Love

It is always nice to hear someone declare their love for you but actions always speak louder than words so it isn't really as necessary to tell them you love them as it is to show them how much you ...

Answered: How can an 85 yr old man,competent, protect ...

If you're competent then you don't have anything to worry about--you have to be pretty bad, evidence wise, to be declared incompetent.

Answered: Are Repubs preparing Americans to accept ANYTHING ...

Big business sponsors the Republicans, so of course they'll never do no wrong.

Asked: Legal divorce?

If you are married using your given name but later divorced under the nickname you're widely known as, is the divorce legitimate?


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