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Answered: Are Orthodontic bands for closing teeth gaps, safe ...

No, orthodontic appliances are not safe. What dentists fail to tell people who chose to adjust the bone structure of their mouth is that any such adjustments leaves the person at great risk for ...

Answered: I have my first appt with a pain clinic ...

Why are you going to a pain clinic for migraines? You should be going to a neurologist for migraines.

Answered: Are hot tubs bad for childrens health?

Yes, hot tubs can be quite dangerous to a child's health. Children, depending on their age, do not have the ability to control their inner temperatures that adults have, so when an adult starts ...

Answered: Is it okay to add fiber to a 5 year-old's milk ...

NO it is not okay; supplemental fiber can be dangerous even to adults.

Answered: Should Transgenders compete in beauty contests?

I think it should be against the rules to require beauty contestants to drop their drawers in order to compete.

Answered: Benefits to working moms only?

Restore a decent work ethic?? As in we use to have decent work ethics but now we don't? Might I ask how you developed this idea?

Answered: Can a illegal and ineligible

I don't think the GOP can apologize their way out of the embarrassment they've brought to our country.

Asked: Pet Restaurant peeves?

What annoys you the most when eating at a restaurant?

Asked: Healthcare cheaper when you pay cash?

Should the cost of medical care be the same whether you pay using insurance or cash?,0,7462049,full.story

Asked: Let's skip all the ads

Should Dish network be allowed to use it's Hopper DVR that skips ads?


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