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Answered: Is it okay to add fiber to a 5 year-old's milk ...

NO it is not okay; supplemental fiber can be dangerous even to adults.

Answered: BTK killer

He had one public defender, Steve Osborn. He plead guilty to all charges.

Answered: How to get well with them ?

It sounds like you all need to sit down and talk about your arrangement and clarify who is responsible for what and how you feel about the way things are now. Obviously there has been a ...

Answered: Love

It is always nice to hear someone declare their love for you but actions always speak louder than words so it isn't really as necessary to tell them you love them as it is to show them how much you ...

Answered: How can an 85 yr old man,competent, protect ...

If you're competent then you don't have anything to worry about--you have to be pretty bad, evidence wise, to be declared incompetent.

Answered: Are Repubs preparing Americans to accept ANYTHING ...

Big business sponsors the Republicans, so of course they'll never do no wrong.

Answered: Are theses clowns trying to sell us another war ...

You got more to worry about going on at your neighborhood bank than you do regarding another war.

Answered: Get the message! People are just plain tired of ...

I'd be happy with what I'm left with IF it meant we had a good leader who caused change for the good of our country and people. Too bad our government and ALL their friends can and have robbed us ...

Answered: What american president helped israel the most?

Both the Bushes whose cronies want to control OPEC and those who control OPEC are the natural enemies of Israel. Convenient, huh?

Answered: Who is predicted to sin dwts 2012?

My bet is on that Cuban hunka hunka, wooooooweeeeee can he move his hips or what??


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