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"Don't look at your age, but focus on what you can do for the world, share what you have to benefit mankind, you'll succeed if you'll see others you've helped reap success. Share more to earn more".
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I'm a retired agriculture teacher for over 29 years, specializes in horticulture. I'm a freelance writer and wrote books; How to get started in flower gardening and Vegetable gardening made easy. Written articles relative to horticulture and self improvement.

My priorities in life is to help people through my area of expertise (Horticulture). If you've a gardening problem please don't shy it, ask me, so your problem will be solve. Promise.

I'm also a composer, songwriter and singer. My site (still under construction), Gardening tips for senior citizens. To get some free articles and ebooks please visit:

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Answered: Will asphidistra do well in full sun in east ...

Aspidistras are shade loving plants, they doesn't tolerates in hot climate. They grows well under dense canopy in tropical and subtropical forests. If you want to plant them, try indoor as a house ...

Answered: How can I kill obnoxious fern with dangerous ...

Have them brushed, let dry and bury under the soil to decompose as organic fertilizer.

Answered: How can I get LIebstockl as an herb and as a plant ...

Hi sengfamily, Try to visit some established nursery in your area and ask for this plant Liebstockl or lovage. I've not found an online store for it.

Answered: How to fix john deere 316 that cuts out when ...

Let the mechanic expert do the work for you, they're more than knowledgeable to fix any problems.

Answered: I am never cold is there something wrong with me

You're lucky because you're extremely healthy, meaning you have a strong immune system against any sickness. Maintain what you're doing, eat lots of nutritious foods, avoid fatty foods, but rather eat ...

Answered: How to cut off at least 12

Hi Karen, Just simply do the pruning of the main stem portion of the desired height you want which 12" and some branches on the side to form a Christmas tree appearance. After pruning, apply paint on ...

Answered: Which Cereal?

Brown rice is proven to have lots of nutrients needed by the body.

Answered: Something is chewing on the leaves of my lima bean ...

Hi Lisa, Those are worms or larva from butterflies. During this stage worms feed on leaves, stem or flowers to support them to their next stage to pupate. Just hand pick them and crush with your ...

Answered: I really really want to quit smoking ?‎

Hi roseryan23, I have written an article "How to Quit Smoking Instantly Without a Drugs" and posted it in my website at; Why not visit it so you can read and get your free copy ...

Answered: Where can I buy a turmeric plant?

Hi Keiki, Visit for more information where to buy Turmeric plant.



OMW says:
"Hi Crisologo: I haven't seen you in a long time. I do recall, though, that I believe that you are a wonderful and decent man. God bless you. Regards, MW"
DB Lady says:
"Hello Crisologo, It's nice to meet someone who comes from the same region in the Philippines. I was born in Tanauan,Leyte. I know we are neighbors. You come from Samar. I'm happy to have met you on Yedda. Keep up the good advices in horticulture. We need people like you in Yedda. See you around."