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honesty and beauty make us human. what you hide today will be displayed tomorrow.
About Tweekey:

artist model.
i won't pose for porn.
art is the human soul caught on canvas and in bronze. 
all our inner selves show through the artist and the brush.
we laugh and love and cry and think together.
loneliness is too bitter an evil to tolerate.

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Answered: When did the expression new york is a jungle first ...

new york city is s nasty place five boroughs of concrete foul smells and bitter people foul people and hucksters are always looking to shake you down i stay in the countryside when i can albany is ...

Answered: Will Jesus have Hitler with him when he returns ...

this is not like you top has dfrogpong been messing with your screen name the way she did mine i have seen cheap and small minded people before never as bad as dfrognong though you are a stone face ...

Commented: About Dvdboxroom.Co's answer

i serve food on clear glass mostly corelle and pyrex it is a pure surface it is always easy to clean glass is lovely cheap and durable it goes with anything and you can see the table cloth

Commented: About edicous's answer

atheists will always have to lie it is the only way they know they deny everything they do just to insult everyone they injure and they think it is cute atheists are so obvious it is sickening devious ...

Commented: About edicous's answer

monkeys are much too furry they scream and throw their poops at people go to the zoo and see the pain of animals kept in cages like prisoners atheists deserve to suffer like that they were the ones ...

Commented: About edicous's answer

is there any good in atheism good comes only from God where there is no God there is no good atheists assure this brutally they demand to end all love and truth they end it with lies and brutality ...

Commented: About edicous's answer

what good is atheism it is a cult of hatred and lies they say so themselves with their recruiting materials they post join us in the alternative to religion that means or else atheism is also an ...

Commented: About edicous's answer

edicous you could not atrract one woman much less two you are cold and mean spirited no woman wants this muslims buy girls at age eight and call them wives but they never really marry there is no love ...

Commented: About edicous's answer

i have seen prostitutes try to pose they are much too brazen yet they conceal their feelings not expressive at all we are not there to arouse lust but to show the real beauty within you cannot do ...


Bill Compton says:
"It is a rare privilege to meet someone with allure and intellect. One of the finest minds I ever met belonged to a lady named Jayne Mansfield. I met her at Mensa. Another was the actress, Heddy lamarr, whose IQ stunned us all. Another young lady with a phenomenal intellect I met was Geena Davis -- she made a bad choice to pursue acting when instead she should have oursued the Nobel Prize in Chmeistry. She could have had that award instead of a credit in "Beetlejuice." I would rather see you in the Nobel Court than in a nude portrait, and I will be glad to help you realize that dream."
LadyE says:
"And you are still beautiful and smart!"
MGySgt Edward S. Renner USMC says:
"The more I see of your words, the more my wife Anna and I would like to adopt you. At least that way our estate goes into wise and humane hands. "
Bill Compton says:
"Seldom do artists and scientists share the same worthy passions. I am glad to see that you and I agree on some things. Forgive me for being an acerbic scientist where you are a sensitive artist, but I believe that we both see that America is worth supporting. It is the one place where artists and scientists have the freedom to do as we should!"
LadyE says:
"So nice to hear from you Tweeky. You were not posting for a while and I missed you. As LadyDarko wrote, you are beautiful and smart. "
Morgan says:
"Yes Tweeky these are frightening times but as always it is the fearless and those unabashed and unmoved by threats or PC who will survive. You are not frightening but you have the Spirit of a survivor and the common sense to know the difference. LadyDarko"
Lady Aban Ceaulosevic says:
"I see uncommon gentleness in you. There are cold persons posting bitterness, and fiery warriors who live for the heat of battle, cool thinkers whose deep understanding of the law makes them formidable in court and medical doctors whose bedside manner makes the healing easier. I am glad to see the gentleness of thr true artist here to mellow the restless warrior and invigorate the indolent leftist."
unkabob says:
"Thank you Tweekey.. "
Melvin Whitcombe says:
"This young lady is lovely and wise. Youth has not deprived you of valid insight. You speak with the power of one who is much older, yet your wisdom does not come at the cost of cynicism. I find your message quite encouraging!"
Morgan says:
"Tweeky you are gorgeous and smart what a combination you keep it going because you are a plus to all of us. Lady Darko"
Morgan says:
"Tweeky you are living proof that goodlooking women can have it all and still be lovely within. Your a winner welcome to Yedda. Lady Darko"
Melvin Whitcombe says:
"Yours is the soul of a true artist. I am glad to have met you online. Clearly, you are wise beyond your years!"
stressed says:
"Clean wisdom, love & beauty. Beautiful life=beautiful eternity. U make all U touch beautiful. Lind thought and clean affection!"
Paul Wittenberg Jr says:
"You are one of the nicest young ladies I have ever met online. There are some nasty people on AOL Answers but have no fear, all that reaches you are words on a screen."
Melvin Whitcombe says:
"It is good to see that the arts are so well represented on AOL Answers. I have read your posts with great interest. The arts and sciences make life better for everyone. We should take out more time to appreciate beauty for its own sake."
LadyE says:
"Your answers are very delicate. Welcome to AolAnswers."
Dennis Newman says:
"Aloha, Tweekey! Have no fear that I would treat you any way but like a lady. hey, Islanders play rough but we never beat on women! If we ever did that Kahunas from all over would be on us like crazy! I might introduce you around, though. "
LadyE says:
"Thanks. First time I've ever gotten a compliment from a model. Welcome to AolAnswers. I hope you get answers as well as you answer them."
unkabob says:
"Welcome to AOLa Tweekey.. I know you'll be a great poster (love your pic)."