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Commented: About Vixen's answer

i hate being in pain it isolates you..........i hate it.

Commented: About Vixen's answer

i just had a blue box of some kind pop up in the window when i was writing and i do not know what it was, even and then it disappeared, so whatever it was it was aol it said so in the corner, but the ...

Commented: About MoonWolf's answer

i also will not be undergoing regular surgery without regular anesthesia.........what i telll myself is if i get through this whatever it is that i tell myself then i will be able to be pain free ...

Commented: About MoonWolf's answer

i need surgery real surgery in an operating room with a reallly good specialist to not be in physical pain and be able to take medication for pain that i really do have. most folks who have a willl ...

Commented: About Vijay Kumar's answer

mediatiion is helpful, but when i meditate often times i write to myself so i am not in physical pain, because i can almost be in a trance then.........and it is helpful.................but when i ...

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