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Asked: How do I get my 11 y/o on board about his baby ...

I was hospitalized for a month after having a new baby girl, and during that time my 11-year-old son, who was looked after by his stepdad (my husband), started getting into trouble at school. Now ...

Asked: Do I Have to Babysit My Sister's Sniffly Kids?

My sister's kids seem to always have the sniffles. I feel awful turning her down when she wants me to watch them for her, but I worry that my kids will get sick if they come over. What should I do?

Asked: London event package

It’s my mother’s birthday in a few weeks and I would love to treat her and my father to a show and an overnight stay in London – can I book them together?

Asked: Swine Flu

Can I get swine flu from flying?

Asked: Stress during pregnancy

Can too much stress during pregnancy be bad for my baby?

Asked: Who would you like to see Angelina Jolie with?

Who would like to see Angelina Jolie with, other than Brad Pitt?

Asked: 7 nights in Budapest

I booked a package for 7 nights in Budapest. Now I'm wondering if 7 nights in this city are too much?

Answered: Do you believe in recarnation

Well, it's already proven that all of our emotions, thoughts and memories are part of chemical and electrical proccesses that occur in our brain. That's why I find it hard to believe in reincarnation ...

Answered: In love and confused

It means that he is only interested in sex. If you say that you are in love with him, I'm not sure that saying 'yes' would be the right thing to do. You should forget about him, and you wouldn't be ...

Answered: Love!

Please allow me to cite Aretha Franklin for this answer: Does he love me? I wanna know! How can I tell if he loves me so? (Is it in his eyes?) Oh no! You need to ...


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