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Stars and skies, clean air and mountain mornings make life worth living. Live close to nature.
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Colorado native, born and bred for the outdoors.  I still snowboard hunt and fish but now I just run the groomer for the ski resort, guide hunting and fishing when I get the chance.  Come with us and run the Platte!

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Commented: About Bob Suffolk's answer

I am against racism therefore I am also against Obama and his idiot claques.

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

Obama got in only because of black separatist racism and vulgar hate. That is evil any way we look at it.

Commented: About Melvin Whitcombe's answer

UP, who said Obama sheep were fit for anything but slaughter for meat and hides? I have yet to see anything that made Obama fit for office. Racists support Obama but not sane people. The sooner ...

Answered: Names of 2 brothers from marion Mich that used to ...

Michigan Outdoors has been out of production for ten years at least but a new production company has taken up recently. Maybe they splice in old footage here and there (good move) but I haven't seen ...

Commented: About Jim's answer

Sex is family issue between the parents, doctor, and minister. Atheist perverts rape kids like granola boys do. I refer to fruits, nuts, and flakes.

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

Gays rape kids. That is all you need to know.

Commented: About kevin's answer

Thanks for Hitler's bitterness. Did you expect anyone with a bit of sense to buy that leftist and racist crap?

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

Lord, you said it. Wow and a half. Out here we still have the wild west, where a man's worth is his word and one lie will stain you forever. Poke a little kid in the wrong place and face a rope ...

Answered: Should Rihanna get back to Chris Brown?

Is it MY business? You say some guy has been working her over? Where are the bruises? Let's see the proof that it actually happened, and isn't a two-bit hooker trying for sympathy. They always ...

Answered: Utah State Senate votes to ban Homosexuality ...

Sure, talk about gays in class if only to protect the kids from them. Just tell the truth, that gays are depraved old morons that can't keep their hands to themselves, obsess to sex with other men ...




Melvin Whitcombe says:
"Your insight is truly amazing. I like your ideas. Perhaps if those in high places implement them we will all breathe a bit easier."