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Stars and skies, clean air and mountain mornings make life worth living. Live close to nature.
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Colorado native, born and bred for the outdoors.  I still snowboard hunt and fish but now I just run the groomer for the ski resort, guide hunting and fishing when I get the chance.  Come with us and run the Platte!

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Commented: About Rick Barnett's answer

Why do you need stuff to make atomic bombs? Even if you had the money, those other thieves wouldn't let you keep it. Even if you got stuff enough to make a bomb, you wouln't know how to ...

Commented: About Bob Suffolk's answer

Bob, I remember the Beatles. Who doesn't? I put the White Album in the CD tray just because you mentioned them. "Everybody's got something to hide except for me and my monkey." Obama sure has ...

Commented: About Leagle's answer

Leagle, I'd like to go over a few ideas with you about ways we can put this idiot Obama right. They are workable and legal. The thing is, if I said what they were here Tadpoole would make sure ...

Commented: About joe's answer

That is the truth, Anon. Obama betrayed us all. Insulting old bigots like Tadpole over there are so wet behind the ears they can't think at all, but that is why we have loony bins for them. The ...

Commented: About snowskimountain's answer

Voting Democrat is not a good idea. These people aren't very smart.

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If they got a chance to talk about it honest, we'd end homosexual misconduct inside a generation. Atheists make huge wads of money selling gay hookers so that is the ONLY reasaon why atheists want ...

Commented: About edicous's answer

What atheist was not a compulsive liar? That is why no one believes atheists.

Commented: About edicous's answer

No one believes atheists because atheists are all compulsive liars.

Commented: About J H's answer

Oh, before I get done, atheists are all compulsive liars so they say that Christians do what only atheists ever do: rape little kids. It is all those sicko pervert atheists fault. Atheists lie ...

Commented: About J H's answer

Let me set another post straight. People all start out normal, then they fail to turn off atheist hate mail, then they turn into sicko atheists, they turn into sicko racists, they become sicko gay ...




Melvin Whitcombe says:
"Your insight is truly amazing. I like your ideas. Perhaps if those in high places implement them we will all breathe a bit easier."