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Asked: E-mail address is being used by 3rd party.

My E-mail address is being used to send Viagra adds to everyone in My E-mail contact list. How do I get this to stop!!!

Asked: E-mail updates

Recently mail had an update and my E-mails started asking me if it was O.K. to enable links from new messages sent by older contacts. Now, no links for any message recieved works. What do I do ...

Commented: About anthonytwodoor's answer

Wow, you are really angry. All I am meaning to say is, "The government isn't in control God is!" Sorry i made you lash out at me and say things that are just not true. Have a Merry Christmas ...

Commented: About AOLMailAnandh's answer

That would be aol webmail and guess what? after posting the Question the problem fixed itself. So thank you and may I say with a 146 answers for people you must be the wiz of the web, keep up the ...

Commented: About David George DeLancey's answer

Mr. Delancey........... You one deep dude.

Answered: What is the price for greed?

Hmm.... I think first I would tell you that I have been ubemployed since 06-07-2009. Probably the best day of my miserable retched life. Then to my unemployed family I would say, " We have survived ...

Commented: About Brooke's answer

Wow, there's a lot of angry people in the World. I wonder what the Obama's art will look like in the white house to, now! Thanks for bringing it up. P.S. Me thinks they mean Obamanites.

Asked: Hiding the Top Bar on your mail, a mistake?

How do I switch back from Saved Mail? I can not retrieve mail when the top bar is in saved mail too.


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