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Answered: Why should people get to know you?

If they're interested, they should get to know me.

Answered: I am a 22 years old girl...i was in a long ...

It's crystal clear that he's using you. DUMP HIM and never get back with that jerk. IF he really loves you, he wouldn't use you for his own desire, sexual specifically. He wouldn't let you feel bad if ...

Answered: Why do i feel ugly?

That's self-pity you're letting to swallow you. Don't let it! We are beautiful in our ways and rights. Go and make yourself prettier, beautiful. No one can stop you from doing so.

Answered: Teen guy clothing help!!!!!

Well, time change even gym shorts.

Answered: How many jeans does the average woman have?

I'm average but i have more than 10 pairs of jeans. Some I wear most of the time..

Answered: What is your favorite healthy food?

Fish, yoghurt, fruits and veges. That's my diet now since Im on low fat, low carb diet.

Answered: How do you make a smoothie?

Blender! that's what I use

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