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Answered: A 16 year old son does not want to see his ...

We can't force the kid to see his Dad, he's traumatized I assume.

Answered: Hi, I'm a 14 year old girl and I still suck on ...

You should throw your pacifiers as your first step. Then ask help from you boyfriend, friends and family to help you get rid of that BAD habit. You're all grown up! Stop it.

Answered: How long does it take to stop grieving?

We can never really say how long and when it'll stop from grieving. It depends on a person. On a situation. It is a process...

Answered: How to highlight your own hair?

It's best to go to a salon for highlights.

Answered: How can a person overcome fear?

First, admit that you fear this certain thing/situation. Then face your fears. Do something about it. I think that's how to overcome fear.

Answered: Is red beautiful?

Red has always been beautiful.

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