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i am proud to say that i am deedlebug SNOTSmonkey....yay a penny saved is a penny earned love one another. give a smile all.. Im mature enough to forgive you BUT not dumb enough to trust you.
About deeladybug:

love people that are kind...espically to children and senior citizen.  love life and GOD.  LOVE MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS.  to some of you i say

"  penny saved is a penny earned    love one another.  give a smile to all.   Go bless...dee Cool

.: Im mature enough to forgive you

, BUT not dumb enough to trust you.

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hey otter popsie and anna....just saw ya here...wanted to say hi...

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hi all you princess'es and hoof one.......are these lovely princess names that otterpoplostmarbles gave us.....she is so creative about so many one there no doubt........ glad to ...

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yes your marbles are scattered from here to hell.........girl.......what the heck ?????? guess we will all get our whiping sticks out ........well,,,,i guess you know what your doing....have fun ...

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Sat..July 30.........Been home almost 2 weeks but have been sick again.......Finally went to town yesterday to one store. Main reason i had to go to town is i have blood work done once a month and ...

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Yay......I am finally back home..............What a time i have had......Dont want any of that time away from my home again........Thanks my otterpop for keeping my spirits up and passing along info ...

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Good evening all you good people. Yay i am home again cause there was no bed at the hospital for physcial therapy....And i was not going in any rehab in a nursing home. They are gonna send the ...

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thanks for the songs !!!!! much apprerated very much cant hardly wait to hear my name that was chosen....for me....'lovr

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yay.......iam so happy to see you happy sick as i am today...yes i would still doing the happy dance with you....whoopee !!!!!!! i was so worried about you kiddo.......michael is ...

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i will send you some sunshine with a smile from here....altho we did have a really bad storm all over here today.........a little ways from mama mae's they showed it pouring down pea size hail ...

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that's how my 3 doggies do too.......alot of times after being up for a couple of hours i have to lay down to rest my back from sitting...all i gotta say is naptime and all 3 try's to see who is in ...


Rick Barnett says:
"Life is too short to waste it on negativity. America is too great to waste it on Obama."
Morgan says:
"Sorry to hear you are ill please look into some books on natural healing if possible for your dx. You are a loving and kind person I truly admire that. God Bless you and yours. Lady Darko "
Sparky's Mom says:
"Hey Lovely Dee, Thanks for the kind words. You are a sweet lady and it is always nice to see you online. Judy and Sparky"
Morgan says:
"You are indeed a lady and a good person wish we could clone the likes of you. Thank you for wishing me well a rarity for me on Yedda. With admiration for your kind Soul. Lady Darko"
~Jada~ says:
"Happy 4th of July, Nan!"
Ithikon says:
"Nanadee darling: Hello Dear One."
The Rascal King says:
"May our dear Lord and Saviour bless you and yours, abundantly and always. IN THE NAME OF JESUS. A-men'"
Major LieBuster says:
"Dee: Will you be my Valentine? ~ Bill 2/14/11"
Col. DAX says:
"Hold on!"
~Jada~ says:
"Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Nan!"
OMW says:
"Dee: Tell me not, Sweet, I am unkind For, from the nunnery Of thy chaste breast, and quiet mind, To war and arms I fly. True, a new mistress now I chase, The first foe in the field; And with a stronger faith - embrace And with a stronger faith - embrace A sword, a horse, a shield. True, a new mistress now I chase, The first foe in the field; And with a stronger faith - embrace A sword, a horse, a shield. Yet this unconstancy is such As you too shall adore; For, I could not love thee, Dear, so much, Loved I not honour more. ~ Richard Lovelace Yet this unconstancy is such As you too shall adore; For, I could not love thee, Dear, so much, Loved I not honour more. ~ Richard Lovelace Always faithful, Bill Always faithful, Bill This year of our Lord, December 7, 2010"
Defender of the Word says:
"Dee: This is my prayer for you now and always: IN THE NAME OF JESUS, amen. - MW"
hemplover says:
"hey there... just wanted to tell you that you are one of my favorites here on yedda (it's still yedda to me)"
~Sweet Gypsey~ says:
""Nana, you will alway be one of the sweetest, most loving liadies on Yedda, and you have always come to my side to stand and tell the truth, and I thank you for that" ..."The one ane only".... "Sweet Gypsey" "
~Sweet Gypsey~ says:
""Nanadee, one of the Sweetest Nanas' on the whole Yedda, Thank you for always coming to my side, and being one of the greatest Ladies I know, Always here for me, and all who need you"... Sweet Gypsey..the one and only.LOL Love ya..S G" "
Sparky's Mom says:
"Dee, Just want to tell you what a real sweetie you are. I mean that. You come up with some real great ideas. You have a good "noodle", (thinker) that's for sure. Stay sweet. Anna Sparky's Mom "
RichmondGirl says:
"Thanks for commenting about my question a few days back. I presume if you were walking down the sidewalk and saw a bug in your path you would squash him too?"
Ranger says:
"dbdeelady, Thanks for being nice an making me a contact. I will enjoy having you as a contact as well. "
citrine1 says:
"One of the sweetest chix I know. Thanx for all the good times."
HelloIamCathy says:
"Thanks for the answer, you seem to be a nice person!"
doris brown says:
"thank you"
Egao No Genki says:
"Thank you kindly for giving me the first compliment in my history of being on this site."
rochester says:
"I'm still here, and I enjoy reading your answers. All the best."
Joe Guest says:
"Thanks for your thoughtful words of kindness and true interest in all that you write. It sounds like you enjoy life very much. Good for you! Thanks Again , Joe Guest"
Byron says:
"Thank you! "
n says:
"Thank you for the compliment Dee, Right back atcha kiddo!"
MikeC says:
"Thank you for the compliment. Happy Memorial Day to you as well. "
Grace says:
"Thank you for the warm welcome. I have been here since April thanks to Dave... just havin' fun!"
Iamjustcurious says:
"Big sis Dee, Happy Birthday. I wish you the best of health. Love and God bless. Iamjustcurious"
MrWebster says:
"Dee: You are my Sweetheart 'til the end of my days. - MW"
ddavel544 says:
"You are a very kind and sweet Lady. It has just been your birthday, watch for wonderful things to happen in your life within the next 52 days! I promise they will.....all the Best ...Dave"
Corrine. says:
"Happy Birthday Nanadee...I am so happy to have met you here on yedda. You are very opinionated and stand by your beliefs---very commendable. I hope you had a great day and take care. With Sincerest Wishes, Corrine :)"
~Jada~ says:
"Happy Birthday Nan! I hope you have a really beautiful day today!"