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If people fear the goverment, that's tyranny; if the government fears the people, that's liberty...Thomas Jefferson
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Answered: North Carolina Workers Compensation Law. What is ...

It varies by State. In Florida, I believe it's 3 but it's been awhile. Check with a labor attorney, The National Labor Relations Board or your State labor relations department. It should be in your ...

Commented: About Voice of Reason's answer

The American dream is still viable. I feel sorry for you and your obviously pitiful life of class resentment. We need to get government off our back and return to the the Judeo-Christian principles ...

Answered: What if you say f me in court?

Was it part of the testimony? Then you are just reciting what the facts were. If you said that to the judge without provocation then you could be held in contempt.

Commented: About Voice of Reason's answer

FYI, the American dream isn't about living off the government teat either! The American dream is to be whatever you want. If you want to be a drone in another person's dream, then God bless you, if ...

Answered: A must see video! President at the Bat?

Absolutely brilliant! Never saw it before but well done. I can't believe it was made in California! Great fun, as usual, AP. Keep 'em comin'.

Answered: Police raid Black Panthers, Philadelphia, 1970

And.......what's the question? In the 70's (as it is now) the Black Panthers were a radical violent off shoot of the civil rights movement. They ranted and raged (and still do) racial epitaphs ...

Answered: What is the punishment for not evacuating during ...

To my knowledge, they can't force you to leave unless you are a minor or incompetent to make a rational decision for yourself. "You plays the game, you take your chances" but don't ask for help if ...

Answered: Post conviction defence attorney that would be ...

It doesn't hurt to talk to an attorney. They may take the case based on the merits or new evidence or mistakes made by previous council. It tain't goin' to be cheap, if they even except the case. The ...


The Military matters! says:
"Hey VOR, where have you been? I missed ya! They say that 'imitation is the highest form of flattery,' but THAT IS THAT! There ain't no mo.' She doesn't deserve it. "Quoth the raven, NEVERMORE." Quoth the people of 'the land of milk and honey,' NEVER AGAIN! Oofa! Regards, 'Big Daddy AKA (I've got so many names now that even I can hardly remember all of them) WHATEVER THE WEATHER. You CHOOSE. BTW, 'Big Daddy' is the known and generally used name of my great grandfather, who I have been told recently by still living (at the time) members of my family that knew him, was "as mean as a snake." It must be in the blood. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE BLOOD!"
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"Hey VOR, where have you been? I missed ya!"
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"Hey Voice of Reason. I just wanted to use this new compliments box to let you know that I really enjoy your answers here on Yedda. I hope you stick around here. Have a great day."
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" voice of reason, it is a honor to meet you on yedda. i appreciate your down to earth and honest to the point aswsers. keep up the good work. God bless nanadee"