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Answered: Selling craft creations

Start as small website, using Pay pal to sell your crafts. If you need any help or some ideas how to do this, just ask.

Asked: Dried blood

How long does it take for blood to dry on a linoleum floor?

Answered: Has anyone tried working Zonealarm together ...

Don't do it! Your Bio's on your PC will have problems. You won't be able to run some programs, and your system will have problems running programs, like POGO Games.

Answered: What are some good web startups at the moment?

Just look up and Web 2.0 in Google. I look many of the Blog players like Moveable type, Blogger.Technorati,Digg,and many others. See this list: ...

Asked: How can we as developers create a more appealing ...

How can we as developers create a more appealing Blog site? What are bloger's looking for in features? Do you subscribe to Blog's? What is your favorite Blog and why?

Answered: Web2.0

Web 2.0, a phrase coined by O'Reilly Media in 2004[1] , refers to a supposed second generation of Internet -based services —such as social networking sites , wikis , communication tools, and ...

Asked: How do you meet angel Investors? I have a ...

How do you meet angel Investors? I have a start-up idea that will be very marketable in today's Web 2.0 era. But need start-up funding or Angel Investors.It would need less then $25,000 to do the ...

Answered: Web 2.0. Information

Try Techcrunch, its always full of Web 2.0 companies,New Blogs etc.


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