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Asked: My grandpa died

my grandpa died today,my dad cries every time he remembers him.For how manny days he will keep on crying? I don't like to see him so sad

Answered: A crush on a friend.

I know how you feel,it happened to me and to my friend rebeca ,so if this guy does not want you,forget about it cause you are hurting yourself. plese if you know the answer to my questions,please ...

Answered: I have a problem with my friends ex

if the boy dating your friend ,lets her for you,he can do the same to you,so be carefull

Asked: There's a boy who was dating my bf,then they ...

there's a boy who was dating my bf,then they broke up and some months later he got interested in me.I said that I wasn't ready for something like that so be became close friends.I told him my parents ...

Asked: I have a problem with my friends ex

I was interested in a boy but the boy was interested in my best friend.They started to go out but then broke up.Now the boy is interested in me,my best friend almost hates me and I still like him ...

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