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Asked: I have a 1970 GMC 2500. Acts like it is ...

I have a 1970 GMC 2500. Acts like it is running out of gas after about 5 miles. It is completely original except for HEI. Replaced fuel pump and carb and all fuel hoses, same problem. Any ideas ...

Asked: Is there a way to sort out photos that have been ...

Is there a way to automatically sort out photos that have been uploaded more than once to my computer? I have windows XP

Asked: Why when I attached a photo to an email were there ...

I sent a photo attached in an email. When I went to look at the sent message I openned the attachment and there were pictures of things that I had seen on the internet. I had only seen these ...

Asked: Can you eat expired butter?

What happens if you eat expired butter? It expired the end of June but its never been opened

Asked: How do taxes work when selling on etsy?

I'm about to start up an etsy shop but I am not sure how the income tax works. I live in California if that matters

Asked: I need information on old jars

I found a bunch of old jars. They are Ball (blue), Atlas, Lamb, and Drey jars. Does anyone have any information about these jars. Are they worth anything? and what can I do with them? Should I sell ...

Asked: How do I get a stain out of satinette (satinet)?

I'm making a dress and some sort of food grease got on the fabric, I tried to clean it out using a damp wash cloth. Now the water is dry, the stain is still there and there are water stains.

Asked: Have home address need P.O. Box

I have home address of someone but I need their P.O. Box. Is there a way to look that up?

Asked: Best place to live in Central Oklahoma

Where in Central Oklahoma is the best place to live? we need a little bit of land and a good quality of life

Asked: Who is a modern day ruthless dictator?

Who is a modern day ruthless dictator?

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