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Answered: French song

I think Arlo Guthrie did. Or maybe I did. I'm not sure. I forgot. signed- Glenn Campbell

Commented: About john law's answer

I was sittin' there on the bench.....

Answered: Your favorite song about America?

Arlo guthrie's "alice's restaurant"

Answered: I tried to learn to play the guitar when I was ...

Well, I suppose in your case that maxim seems to apply. Try the trumpet.

Answered: What is the most popular song?

Bing's "White Christmas" by far, but I would have to give a vote of confidence to "Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's Restaurant." It is the cult song of all time at Thanksgiving and is even very popular in ...

Commented: About john law's answer

My reply wasn't intended to be an answer of sorts. It was just a factual statement. Something i learned when i was hanging out in Nashville.

Answered: Is my rap funny please help me please tell me

In an interview with Ray Charles, the great one was asked what he thought about RAP music and he promptly and appropriately replied, " why they left off the C."

Answered: Israel Strikes Gaza

Refrain: This is a holy war. I don’t know what it’s for. All I know is that I’m here to fight. I’m far away from home in a desert combat zone Near the Holy Land where Jesus taught us right ...

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