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Asked: Have You Seen the "Supermoon"?

This weekend's full moon is the closest to the Earth in 18 years. Does the moon look larger or more impressive to you?

Asked: Are you worried about nuclear safety?

Are you concerned about the safety of nuclear reactors after the earthquake in Japan?

Asked: Should Wisconsin end collective bargaining for ...

Wisconsin Senate Republicans voted to end collective bargaining rights for the state's public employees, while the Senate's Democrats remained out of state. What's your view about this situation?

Asked: No-fly zone for Libya?

Should the U.N. or NATO establish a no-fly zone over Libya?

Asked: Life in outer space?

Do you think that alien life forms exist?

Asked: Was it right to stop attempts to rescue Devin ...

Did officials in Nevada make the right decision to stop efforts to rescue Devin Westenskow from a mine shaft?

Asked: Should Wisconsin lay off public employees?

What do you think of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's plan to lay off 1,500 workers unless the state Senate passes a bill eliminating collective bargaining rights for public workers and requiring ...

Asked: What's your opinion about the Westboro Baptist ...

What do you think about the Supreme Court's free speech decision in favor of the Westboro Baptist Church?

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