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Say whatever you want, just as long as it doesn't keep you from seeing the way things are. And when you see that, there is much you wont say.
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Amazing that Obama caused the crisis when it began when dubya was still prez. Only the devil would have the power to reverse time.

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I'll take Reverent Wright over Pat Robertson or Billy Graham's son, or Billy himself, any day. Wright is much closer to the values this country was founded on (we got started by saying in effect God ...

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Inheriting a program is not the same thing as continuing it.

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If you busted any politician who did favors for supporters, and busted the supporters for soliciting and accepting the favors, the government would be run by unelected civil servants who would follow ...

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Watching dead people is really new for us human beings. We have been able to do it for a little over a century. Portraits, photographs and biographies showed us dead people, but that was different ...

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What is the big deal? It aint like they couldnt have gotten the guns from somewhere else. Just about anybody can buy a gun, and without background checks if they want. Not a lot of hassle to avoid ...

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The economy has stalled either because there is not enough demand or because businessmen are waiting until they know what the government is going to do and that it is heading towards being smaller ...

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I'd like to visit Thailand. Vietnam, not so much. Do you always have trouble facing facts you dont like? Like that we lost a war that we could have avoided. Ever hear of Marshall Tito? Ho Chi ...

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Sure the union worker pays more to governments and gives the union its share, but even after that he has more in his pocket. And the governments do stuff with his money that he wants done (like ...

Answered: Do you have a fathers day Poem or rhymm or ... Try this. If there was ever a man Who was generous, gracious and good That was my dad The man A human being so true He could live like a king ...


Corrine. says:
"Wow Richard can be very cruel sometimes. I hope you don't take anything he says to heart or get upset about it. I really don't know how people can talk to one another like that. All I ever see is you trying to be nice and fair. I hope you are doing well and take care. With Sincerest Wishes, Corrine :)"
IamQweenBee says:
"Happy Mothers Day"
wilsonammy says:
"Luks like ur quite techi & speci :)"
Corrine says:
"Severed you are very informative and I sense you also put a lot of heart into your postings so I would like to say thanks. I hope you stay around Yedda for a very long time so you can enlighten others as much as you have enlightened me. Well God Bless and Take Care! With Sincerest Wishes, Corrine :)"
Corrine says:
"Severed I really appreciate your well thought out answers and also your moral standpoint on certain issues sooo yeah :) Take Care..."
IamQweenBee says:
"You have to teach me how to stay calm in the middle of a storm. LOL. I mean, I return insults, but, I admire the way you stay focused and in control. LOL. That is an asset. Keep up the good work."
pattyp says:
"Severed, I admire your writing very much. There's no one else on the blogs that have your in-depth knowledge of the topics, is able to present it in a logical and unbiased manner and doesn't indulge in the kind of petty insult trading (like I do, LOL), that has become as big a part of the dialog as political views. Thanks for being part of our discussion and I hope you continue to contribute."
IamQweenBee says:
"You always make logical posts. Keep up the good work. LOL"
dfrogpong says:
"served, keep up the good work. you style is respectful and admired. sorry i can not do the same with these people."