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Shalom-Peace-is the process; Ahave-love-the result
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Adventurous, have less than traditional careers, and plan on 'lyah  to Israel. I am 6' and not too over weightInnocent I am not a geek, but enjoy messing with computers and communicating with intelligent people. You do not have to agree with me, just mutual openness to ideas. Devoted to Judaism, and respect all faiths. Shall discuss any subject I have knowledge of, with respect. Pray for peace, and we all get along.

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Asked: The "religion of peace?"

Behold the peace of Islam. Syria: 'Children Burned Alive In Front Of Their Mothers' Report Activists In Homs Huffington Post UK Michael Rundle First Posted: 12/03/2012 17:43 Updated: 12/03/2012 ...

Asked: How was Christianity invented?

Was it find the dumbest story you can and make believe that it's true?

Asked: Do Jewish people believe the creation account in ...

Do Jewish people believe the creation account in Genesis is literally true ?

Asked: What's Your Take on Baptism of the Dead?

The religious rite is proxy baptism for the dead. According to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or Mormon Church, these posthumous "blessings " are intended to "save" ancestors and ...

Asked: Scholarships for Atheists?

A national association that says there's no proof for the existence of God is managing a scholarship fund set up for a teenage atheist at the center of a dispute over a prayer banner at a Rhode Island ...

Asked: My landlord in the state of washington told me I ...

my landlord in the state of washington told me I could not have a visitor in my home when I am at work is this legal

Asked: What is ment by Jews being the Chosen People?

What is ment by the Jews being the "Chosen People" ? Are the Jews the Chosen People? By Question: I have long been uncomfortable with the concept of the "Chosen People". To suggest that ...

Asked: Your views about the bombing in Jerusalem and ...

What's your reaction to the bombing in Jerusalem and Israel's retaliation in Gaza?


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"Shalom, alechem shalom! Thank you for the post about people on AOL Answers. "
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"Happy 4th of July!"
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"Thank you for the compliment, Mr.Y. I like your answers."
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"Yechiel dear friend. How happy you have made me by your compliment. It is so wonderful to have met such a loving and fair person such as you are."
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"Hey Yechiel... I love Israel too :) I just wanted to say hi because you seem cool. "
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"Shalom! You say some encouraging things, Yech.... Sounds like you know what you are talking about."
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"I loved your answer to Israel in the News. Thanks for bringing your expertise to Yedda! I look forward to reading more of your responses!"
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"Hello Yechiel, I saw your kind and generous comment to me earlier and I can't possibly thank you enough. I have seen you around a bit and I like what I see... Keep up the great work here and ...enjoy the lady and the swans. I hope to see you around...Jada"
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"You are indeed a Blessing to Yedda not too many people turn into the International news like Guysen. Continue the great work. Always with Israel L.D. Eugenie'"
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"Thank You for giving us the Jewish view and input. SHALOM!"
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"Thanks for your answer to my first question. I know some Hebrew...father was Jewish. What about my second question re: Christianne Amanpour??/"