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Asked: What turned my 16 y/o daughter from my best friend ...

It seems like overnight my only child and best friend can't stand me. How is it that my 16-year-old girl can treat me so poorly when I have done nothing to provoke her? She doesn't share anything ...

Asked: Is Pneumonia Contagious

I have a friend who has pneumonia. Is pneumonia contagious?

Asked: Importance of Water Gain in Diets

How important is water retention when it comes to wanting to lose weight. Is this more important than losing fat?

Asked: Race for NBA Playoff Spot

The race in the West is coming to a photo finish. Which of these teams will watch the playoffs from their living room couches, Dallas, Golden State or Denver?

Asked: Robin Williams, Wife Divorcing

Robin Williams and his wife for the past 19 years are divorcing. What could have made them divorce after 19 years of marriage? If they aren't meant to be how did it take them so long to figure it ...

Asked: Vatican Lists New Sins, Including Pollution

Will the Vatican's message of pollution being a sin help make our world a cleaner place? Why did this anouncment come out now?

Asked: Good Mortgage

What is considered a good mortgage these days? What should I look out for when getting one? Any tips you have from experience are welcome.

Asked: Age of Retirement

What do you think the age of retirement should be? I was thinking about this question cause I feel many people retire at a late age and don't get to enjoy retirement.

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