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Answered: Do you like these lyrics?

I actually think they're quite good. Is there some melody that goes with the lyrics?

Asked: Is Pneumonia Contagious

I have a friend who has pneumonia. Is pneumonia contagious?

Answered: Help a bride find her special gift to her husband ...

Hi, This is a site I think you might find helpful. Good luck.

Answered: Central New Jersey Burial Society

Are you interested in a certain religious burial society? I am asking because there are different possibilities.

Answered: Who sings the song show me

Do you mean the song "Show me love" by Robin S.?

Answered: Locating Serial Number of Nikon D90 Camera/Lens

Take a look at this site . It has the serial number location on different Nikon products.

Answered: A simple question, using windows media player ...

If you are using Windows Media Player out of "My Music" folder you can simply go to the folder and copy it down to wherever you like. If not you can simply designate a folder from which the media ...

Answered: How much can i get for a 18k gold 16.5 gram ...

It really depends on the the bracelet and the amount of workmanship put into it. I would take it to a jeweler who can give you an appraisal of its value.

Answered: Who played the boyfriend in the video I Try by ...

Hi, I would try to send an email to the Macy Gray official site or fan club. They'll be able to give you the info you are looking for.

Answered: I have a windows vista operation system. a ...

This may be one of Vista's bugs but if I were you I would try to reinstall Vista. If it doesn't work you can always get some technical help from the person you bought the operating system from.

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