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Answered: My child has odd shaped gums

Hi, Sounds like you should go to a specialist. There is no reason to leave this problem for a later time. I would think seriously of going to a doctor and having this checked out. Good luck.

Answered: Yellow spots on old doll

It depends on what those spots are from. Sounds to me like these stains are caused by the wear and tear of the plastic. You can try some soap and water but anything stronger could damage the doll.

Answered: Love prob

I think you should follow your heart otherwise you will spend the rest of your life wondering what could have been. Don't waist time on things that seem wrong.

Answered: Is Marvin Sapp any relation to Warren Sapp ...

From what I know there is no immediate relation between them.

Answered: What do you prefer?

I think you have your priporities well set. If you're happy who cares about classy or unclassy. I actually like things and people around me to be classy but I will always opt for happiness before ...

Answered: Guinea Pigs

I think if you put them with their back to the wall they'll manage but they'll probably get tired very fast.

Answered: Stop thumb sucking

It is important to address the problem if thumb sucking continues over the age of 5. When you start working on this it is important to keep your child's life structured. Make sure you let them know ...

Answered: Sixties dance

Take a look at this page . Click on the the singer you meant and the lyrics will appear. Enjoy.

Answered: What a sure fire way of catching a cheating ...

You can simply follow him around but that could be very time consuming.

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