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Answered: What to get a a picky man for valentines day?

As gifts are 'from the heart'.. A picky man doesn't deserve your effort.

Answered: How much taxes will i pay on my lottery winningsin ...

Usual taxes are 35% (hire a cpa and save a few percentages)..

Answered: What happened in american history in 1835?

Here's some events: Jan 7 - HMS Beagle anchors off Chonos Archipelago Jan 25 - Opera "I Puritani," premieres in Paris Jan 30 - Richard Lawrence misfires at President Andrew Jackson in Washington ...

Answered: How do you set your printer?

Do not plug the printer in until you access the installation CD.. Follow the directions on the CD and plug it in when prompted. That should successfully install your printer. Once installed it will ...

Answered: How do you answer a symphaty card?

It's not necessary, but a plain thank you card will suffice.. You don't have to remind them of the card because they will understand why you sent it.

Answered: Why is email suddenly telling me i need username ...

At one time, when you re-booted, a program wiped out all your personal information.. Just re-enter and check 'keep' then find the program (usually in a virus protector or similar program and look ...

Answered: How to adjust the bands on a slipping automatic ...

You have to take the transmission off, break it down and adjust/replace.. A mechanic would be wiser.

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