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Answered: How to talk a person out of suicide?

Tell him how much life is important and that there are people who live their lives with worse problems.

Answered: Why cam't we live forever?

Because the world isn't big enough for all of us. We need to make room for the next generation.

Answered: What are the best tips to boost confidence?

Remember that no one is perfect and don't pay too much attention to what you are doing and to the reactions to people around you.

Answered: How do you deal with stress?

When I get stressed I do some exercise. It helps me feel more calm afterwards.

Answered: Life

You first, then your family. After them it's your friends and then other people.

Answered: How to teach a 6 year old self control

A good way is setting an example for the child.

Answered: What does it mean when someone talks in their ...

Sleep-talking by itself is harmless. however, it can wake up others and cause them consternation.

Answered: What is the smell in lp gas?

An LP gas is odorless and therefore it usually comes with ethanethiol which smells like rotten eggs, in order to detect the gas easily.

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