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Answered: Can you list all the scriptural points that show ...

It would be hard to find ones that don't condemn their actions. So lets just list the top ten. What shows clearly that what they do and think is not in harmony with God's word? And yes, they are a ...

Asked: Can you list all the scriptural points that show ...

Can you list all the scriptural points that show the Westboro cult is a false religious org.?

Answered: Why are there two christmas celebrations on 12/25 ...

Eastern Orthodox Churches and othere use 1/6. I believe they simply use a different calendar that the Catholic church and those western countries that celebrate Christmas basing the date on the ...

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FYI-I am not an atheist. If you have anything intelligent to say, please feel free to address me anytime.

Commented: About LadyE's answer

I was taught to think and reason in school. The word "us" cannot be used to show three people were involved in the conversation. The literary world has nothing to do with this. It should be ...

Answered: Please pray for world peace?

In 1986 dozens of religious groups gathered at the popes invitation to pray all day for peace. There were bloody wars all over subsequent to that, so God certainly was not answering any of them ...

Commented: About LadyE's answer

Your basing your assumption on a footnote?????? Come on!

Answered: Testing the Christian Faith

If these groups were in fact backed by Christ, they would be united. Just because they claim to be followers of Jesus, does not mean he accepts them. See Matt 7:21,22.

Commented: About LadyE's answer

The verse was not in older quality manuscripts and appeared about the time you are mentioning. Isaac Newton is one that recognized the verse did not belong. Gen 1:26 says us but the pronoun is ...

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Hello Sue, You give very accurate answers to every single quesition.


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