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Answered: Good vs. Bad SEO?

If you care and love your website, then white hat is the best way to be on top of the game. Don't be greedy.

Answered: SEO

1. Directory Submission 2. Blog Commenting 3. Blog Guest Post 4. Article Submission 5. Social Bookmarking 6. Forum posting 7. Question and Answer 8. Social Media 9. Link Wheel 10. RSS ...

Answered: Software for seo

In building backlinks, it's quality versus quantity. In optimizing my site, I do it manually so to avoid complications though it takes time but it's better than to be sorry. :)

Answered: SEO

Google Analytics is good! I always used it in tracking my sites.

Answered: SEO

In a simple explanation, SEO is promoting website in Google and other search engine sites by having appropriate keywords. Good keywords equals success.

Answered: How do I know what the best keywords are in order ...

I used Market samurai, its the best keyword tool I've ever used. It accurate and provides a detailed info result in a certain keyword.

Answered: There are a lot of social bookmarking sites ...

I used digg, deli.cious, and stumble upon---they are my favorites.

Answered: Friendster and SEO

Does friendster still exist this time? After facebook had been launched, most of the people switch using facebook simply because its new, comfortable to use and contains a lot of great features. Sad ...

Answered: Why should keywords be unique?

I agree to them too! Always remember that keywords are one of the most important in our website, so we should be very careful in choosing keywords in order to be on top of the game.

Answered: Its about traffic

Social media (like twitter, facebook, and social bookmarking) and high quality content articles help in boosting traffic.


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