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Answered: 1996 chrysler lhs

water pump? well if you take your cap off and the water is moving after the thermostat has opend i would think its fine.they usually leak or the pully will wobble.The car will run hot if the water is ...

Answered: 1996 chrysler lhs

Well you flushed the system and i would think that would take care of an air bubble stuck in the core.Well how a bout a stuck vent or plugged hose?

Answered: 1996 chrysler lhs

Did you have radiator problems? leaks? or put anything in to stop the leak? If so you may have pluged the heater core.

Answered: Fuck israel!!!!! You are the devils from hell ...

History Tells Me That Nobody Has Ever Defeated Isreal.Isreal Still Stands.

Answered: How do you repair the windshield wiper on a 1997 ...

I had the same problem with my 93.Its the wiper motor.I replaced it and have had no more problems.This was about 1 year ago...Im sorry I cant remember what the part cost me.

Answered: Girl Surprise

Dude I Dont Know How Much Time U Have But I Just Made My Girl A Picture DVD.What I Did Was Put Some Pictures Of Her And Us On A DVD Along With A Song She Likes From Brian McKnight.So It Plays The Song ...

Answered: I was down loading music from a unsecure sight ...

have you tried Adware or Spybot Search & Destroy?Virus scan or check in ad and remove programs to see if anything in there might be it.You might even try to launch it in safe mode to see where it is ...

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