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I graduated from Rutgers University in 2005 and studied Organizational Psychology in graduate school, and graduated with my Masters in 2010 from Kean University. I am currently working as an IS Trainer at a non-profit organization.

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Answered: Who deserves the 2010 Razzie?

If it were up to me, Knight & Day (with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz) would have taken all of the razzies.

Answered: What's The Worst Movie Of 2010?

I definitely don't think any of the films based on the Twilight series should be up for a razzie. If it were up to me, Knight & Day (with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz) would have taken all of the ...

Answered: Selena Gomez's Twitter Account Hacked, Attacks ...

I have to agree with PA's wife. Unfortunately, EVERYONE deals with technological fraud. Selena Gomez is not the first, and likely won't be the last to deal with it.

Answered: Are you looking for a job?

I don't particular like my job (although I loved studying for my Masters degree in Organizational Psychology). So recently, I have been contemplating if I should go for a law degree.

Commented: About Kibbutz's answer

How sad your post is Michigan.

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

Your answer is so full of poop. There was no political agenda when I posted this question. And based on your answer, you're clearly a part of the un-educated group who have been brainwashed to say ...

Asked: Army Reserve, National Guard Suicides Doubled in ...

How is it that in 2010 alone, both the Army Reserve and National Guard saw suicides double? What are they missing that so many feel the need to end their lives?

Answered: Who is the woman of the year for 2010?

Dr. Judy Kuriansky! She does amazing work all around the world, including going to disaster areas to provide relief for locals.