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Answered: pet stickers

So you are promoting pet stickers? I'm looking for a pet supply that I can use in dog bathing .

Answered: I borrowed petlodge dog cage & my puppies chewed ...

You can look them online. You can also use pet gates instead of pet cages. That will be better.

Answered: Dog coats patterns to knit

Can dog fence be a part of this knit?

Answered: Commensalism examples with dogs?

It can be like in their flees who only benefited them. Leather dog collar

Answered: What to feed a dog?

definitely a dog food that is appropriate to your pet. That is the advice I get from my remote dog trainer .

Answered: Location of pericardial nerves in dog

I have no idea. The vets can answer your question. I guess it is found in the lower part of the body. That's what my friend said after his pet was injured. I witnessed they are using dog training ...

Answered: Two months ago I buried my 2 pet ducks that ...

It is very hard to guess but it can be snake or other reptiles just like my dogs in their dog houses , they died because of the frogs.

Answered: Where to find beefeater products for pets

Why don't you ask it in the pet stores or in the animal clinic? I already bought this on the store where I bought my dog gates . It is highly recommended by my friend.

Answered: What paperwork do you need to take a pet dog to ...

You only need the legal paper that the lawyers advices. I remember when me and my dog when in other countries, I bought him a new dog furniture as a gift.

Answered: Why won'y they tell me who adopted my pets

Just for confidentiality. You do not have to know such information. Maybe because you might get it to them after donating it. Dog doors

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