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Answered: In fact a dog license is a tax on ownship of a pet ...

Just like when you buy a patio dog doors or any pet supplies, you were added by a value added tax. I guess you can claim it on but to be sure ask a lawyer for this or any who is expert in ...

Answered: Dog poo and dog pee...

It is right. They must know how to respect their pets. It is a good way of saying your thoughts. Why don't you try to buy a hunting dog collars online for your dog and let them bite those ...

Answered: What kind of dog is that on mr chewy

Is Mr. Chew a tv show? a movie? Or anything? Why don't you posted a picture for that? is this dog using electric pet collar ?

Answered: Side effects of certifect for dogs

is there any? What do you mean certificate for dogs? Is it their certificates like in humans? As far as I know using dog agility equipment are examples of things that cause side effects in dogs? or ...

Answered: Can I safely give phenobarbitol and di Tan tang ...

I am not that sure but why don't you ask the veterinarian? They know what is the best thing to do in your pet. Like if using configure gates are good in our pet's health.

Answered: Are dogs allowed on hernando beach

Don't they have any rules about the beach? As far as I know when it is a beach, they allowed dogs. You will do sun bathing with your dog on his pet beds . Lol. What a funny thing to imagine.

Answered: Would You Donate Your Pet's Organs?

Why would I need to do this? Do any pet in need? Instead, I can donate my electric pet fence .

Answered: Help with picking up and petting a puppy mill dog

Why don't you look for a pet expert or a help from a friend in doing this task. This is what I did when I purchased an e collars and I do not know how to assemble and use it.

Answered: Pet door cutting my dogs leg.

Ask your retriever trainer . It is not good especially when your pet is undergoing in a training. Better replace it before any bad things happen to your pet. :)

Answered: Trim-a-pet where do you find blades for the trim-a ...

Don't we have in pet stores? I will ask my friend who owns a pet store. It is also important to trim your pet if it is annoying you especially in your travel, while he is sitting in his dog car seats ...

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