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There burns no hotter fire in hell than that reserved for cowards, home wreckers, and troublemakers. Be warned accordingly.
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Retired Marine Fighter Pilot.  F-4B Radar Intercept Officer with VMFA 323.  RIO instructor w/ VMFAT101, Miramar NAS.  Transitioned to FA-18 with VMFA 212.  Thirty years service, 1965-1995.

The Fight.  William Butler Yeats.

"I know that I shall meet my fate
Somewhere in the clouds above.
Those I fight I do not hate.
Those I guard I do not love.

My county is Kilathan cross.
My countrymen Kilathan's poor.
No likely end could bring them loss
Or leave them happier than before.

No law, nor duty bade me fight.
No public men nor cheering crowds.
A lonely impulse of delight
Drove me to this tummult in the clouds.

I balanced all and brought to mind.
The years to come seemed waste of breath.
A waste of breath the years behind.
In balance with this life, this death."


W.B. Yeats: An Irish airman foresees his death.


We who stand up to death also stand up to life -- and all the challenge that either must present.





I have developed a taste for Van Halen lately.  At least this kid has balls. 


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Apparently, QOTD is a little nervous about seeing the world as it is instead of the sheer balderdash he learned in some leftist liberal diploma mill for idiots. This is declassified gun camera ...

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The illustration didn't come through but here it is again so you know what a real gun looks like. To put it in scale, the barrels are seven feet long.

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George HW Bush is a real fighting man, not a wimpdite like Obama. He cut his teeth in the F-102 (Delta Dart) and F-104 (Starfighter), probably the most dangerous planes ever in the USAF inventory ...

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Thanks for the research, MGySgt Renner. It is good to be back in the states. It is a wreck now and we have a lot of repair ahead of us after what Obama did. Your sort of military expertise does ...

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Okay, how about the long version of an acne medication commercial called the 12-18 overture?

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Excellent answer, Mike Dudley. Congratulations on your golden collar decoration. May it soon turn silver and then railroad tracks. Thou shalt not stop short of a couple of stars! Do you understand ...

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Cooper-Physicalist, I prefer to fly my old FA-18 to your ignorant atheist bigotry. Are you such a fool that you think intelligent people can't see through such an obvious atheist fraud as you? I ...

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Anna, take it from an old country girl, you can make decisions and carry them out if you have your head on tight. Get with me and we'll get you on your way to making the woman out of yourself that ...

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I have never found Christianity restrictive, even flying combat sorties: considering the people we were up against and their designs on us all, the ethical decision was to put these lunatics in a box ...

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Oh, Lord, why does Cooper make such idiotic mistakes? I'm an old broad but this idiot would not survive two minutes in Chang's dojo with me. I demand a full contact match Cooper. When I am done ...


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Melvin Whitcombe says:
""They who would exchange freedom for safety and security soon enough find that they shall have none of these." Benjamin Franklin. If called on to fight in a war, I choose as my weapon, calm reason. History shows that there is no more powerful weapon. Nor does any other weapon heal, rather than inflict injury. I am glad that you understand the use of both wit and the sword."
Lady Aban Ceaulosevic says:
"Seldom do I meet fire elements as strong as you. There will always be that restless warrior in you. Yet even as you live by the sword and have no fear of dying by it, you use the sword only for high justice and then with all the discipline of a belted knight. A formidable warrior you are, and yet also a caring grandmother. There is a fine balance in you. There is that Paladin spirit, and you have perfected it."
Morgan says:
"Thank you Fletch for the compliment there is no way to express the admiration I have for the Military especially Marines. My stepdad was one he taught me hard, strong and deliberate. God Bless you and your contributions to our country and this site. We need to group, unite and fight. YeHHHHHHHHHHHAaAAAA. Lady Darko/Cpt Mac AN"
MGySgt Edward S. Renner USMC says:
"Well, another Marine! Semper Fi! It looks like there are more Marines entering the civilian world but I am grateful that no matter what, Marines always remain Marines."
charlie2911 says:
"thanks fletcher - old fashioned values and honor is what it's all about "
Rocmike3 says:
"Semper Fi! Retired F-4 RIO's are few and far between. I fought my war on the ground as a sniper but you were up there pulling G's and dropping bombs on Charles, when I called in your fire. Thank you for your service to the finest nation that ever came to be! You will always find us on the job: the United States Marines."
charlie2911 says:
"Thank you, glad to have the acquaintance of a 'Phantom Pherret'. I loved the old 'lead sled' - all that smoke and noise saying 'I'm coming to git you,boy!'"
Pax Majoris says:
"fletcherba234: I don't know you (yet), but I do know all that I need to. Thank you for your service to our beloved country, and this is on the redline."