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Answered: Classical music knowledge

Try this site:

Answered: What do i do?

Hi I think you need to talk to a girl you have been with but stayed in touch with and make her explain to you how she sees you. Knowing your problem is one step to over coming it. Seems like you are ...

Answered: How many woman would want a loyal,respectful ...

Your post is beautiful I am sure many women would love this kind of treatment.

Answered: Public Apology

Reading a post like this has totally convinced me Yedda makes people smarter and better.

Answered: How do I break up with my beau?

In my opinion sometimes we are not able to express ourselves well while confronting a person, especially when it get a bit emotional. Try writing a letter explaining the idea be clear about your ...

Answered: How can i quit loving some one how don't love me ...

Time like Ashley said is the best solution. I think keeping yourself occupied is also good but eventually meeting another person will solve your problems. also try to remember how you felt after your ...


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