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Hello, my name is Dr. Sheila Ghaziaskar D.C, Q.M.E, I'm a chiropractor in Santa Monica and I've been caring for patients for over 17 years. My commitment to caring for others began when I was a child and has continued to grow with me. As a college student, I decided to commit my life to caring for others by enrolling in Life Chiropractic West and pursuing a career in chiropractic.  It was the best decision I ever made.

Today, I spend my time and energy helping those in pain by treating conditions like sciatica, back pain, auto and sports injuries, carpal tunnel, and dozens of other debilitating ailments. I take  pride in the care that I give my patients and am rewarded by their gratitude.


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try getting the individual plans from Blue cross/ blue sheild. Usually they are not so expensive, specially if she is only 21

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Nothing is going to be free with his health plan.

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To get a manipulation under anesthesia, chiropractors go for seminar trainings. They do not have to go to school for this. So find a chiropractor who is teaching the mua and they can may be tell you ...

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try They can also add you to their website as a chiropractor

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you should consult with your doctor before you do yoga if you back injuries.

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You would have to either get your four year bachelor degree and then another four years of chiropractic school, or 2-3 years of undergraduate and then four years of chiropractic school. Life ...

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I have a blog about how to best find a chiropractor. Visit my blog by going to my site Good luck.

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Hello, You would have to either get your 4 year Bachelor degree and then apply to go to a chiropractic school oir finish a 2-3 years of undergraduate studies and then go apply for chiropractic. To get ...

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yes you do need more than one diagnosis

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One of the causes could be IBS..consult with your doctor..


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