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The best people say the best things. The best victory is a durable peace. The best revenge is living well.
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Pleasant, loyal, family oriented, community man.  BSME UT, Dallas 1973.  Petroleum engineer.  Fuels, alcohol, chemistry, biodiesel, sustainable power technology.

I work with and to relieve the misery that children suffer.  It is the Christian thing to do.

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Commented: About Paul Wittenberg Jr's answer

Apparently you are correct, Top Renner. Physicalist is known to play the least intelligent of games and spread truly humiliating lies, but this is low even for him. I changed my buddy icon because ...

Commented: About Paul Wittenberg Jr's answer

I couldn't help but notice that Physicalist is trying to anger people, by abusing others' names, but as always, he has failed as dismally as the rest of the lackluster members of his cult. We may ...

Commented: About Michael's answer

Atheists are infamous for their use of brainwashing that they borrowed from the Chinese Communists and Nazis. Although atheist brainwashing is not particularly effective on normal adults, atheists ...

Answered: Snake handler: 0, Snake: 1

Atheists will always be gullible enough to buy obvious hoaxes. They bought evolution, so why would this ridiculous hoax be any improvement? Oh well, has any atheist ever been intelligent?

Commented: About Paul Wittenberg Jr's answer

More standard cut-and-paste nonsense from dfrogpong. Oh, well, we can only expect so much from lunatics. I had hoped for better, but leftists have the brains of gerbils . . . and should return them ...

Commented: About Stanley Pembroke's answer

Might one of these birds have flown over a cuckoo's nest? Jack Nicholson did so.

Commented: About Mike Dudley's answer

Why must atheists all be such obvious losers? If that is the best you can do, Physicalist, then you are as simpleminded and bigoted as your ridiculous cult seems. Are you aware that atheists are ...

Answered: Why does Jesus wear frilly underwear at parties?

Once again we see that atheists are never to be taken seriously. Physicalist is so desperate to save his atheist bunch that he is now down to games. Is there any worse status for anyone? Once again ...

Answered: Religions that use sex, as a way to God and ...

Let's see now. What has our sole token atheist proved? 1. Atheists are desperate to salvage what is left of their cult. 2. Atheists will tell any lie or play any game opn behalf of their failed ...

Answered: Is Highway 61 mentioned in the Bible?

The way I read that incident, Satan deceived Abraham with a few trillion demons all working their very hardest like all atheists do now. God retains control regardless. The devil always loses.


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Bob Suffolk says:
"It is good to see that AOL Answers is developing a cadre' of structural and mechanical engineers. I have seen a great deal of wisdom in your words. Apparently half of the posters on AOL Answers have suffered numerous run-in's with atheists. It is time that we all joined the fight to remove this malignant scourge before they repeat their villainy. Keep up the good work as I shall!"
Morgan says:
"Thank you for your vote of confidence I try to stay up on the world sometimes I get disgusted and downhearted yet people like yourself and so many others on Yedda give me comfort in knowing I am not alone in my quest. Rocmike 3 died recently a better Soul I have not met in a very long time. A fighter to the end and his wife said something that made me think. She did not know this side of him. Many do not know this side of us all. Perhaps we should follow his lead and give our loved ones our passwords and icons so they can see who we were and how we fought to save this country. I know I will. Thank you again for your compliment it means so very much to me. Lady Darko"