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If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.
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Answered: Who is your favorite hero?

My hero has always been Muhammed Ali

Answered: Am so confused - he calls me his princess but ...

Basically, your boyfriend is a complete idiot, too full of himself to care about anyone else. I suggest you find someone who can appreciate you, and who will take the time to make sex and romance the ...

Answered: About my cat.

Every cat loves the Bird Catcher pro wand. He's right though. You need to play with your cat at least twenty minutes twice a day. Active play where the cat can run and jump and stuff. You're trying to ...

Answered: What is the red light camera license plate cover ...

This junk is a scam. NONE of them work. Don't waste your money.

Answered: 4 week old kittens

The smallest kitten, you might should talk to the vet at the shelter. He may require more care than you can provide. The kitten that's falling back in his own poop, he should get over it soon. Examine ...

Answered: Fake Women Who Pretend Sadism of Pedophelia is ...

you're fighting a losing battle. I'm not saying you're wrong, mind you. I have a few complaints about women myself. But right now, women are on top and it's just better to lie low. Discretion is the ...

Commented: About Bonestructure's answer

I disagree with atheism, but he's right, you know. Atheists ain't out killin nobody in the name of atheism.

Answered: Fake Women Who Pretend Sadism of Pedophelia is ...

I know you're speaking English, but I can't comprehend what you're trying to say. What's your complaint?

Answered: Why is johnny walker blue label hard to find in ...

Because we have better taste and drink red or black label.

Answered: How should a man react if a woman tells him his ...

The first, and most vital, thing to do, is to make sure your wife isn't listening and watching and waiting for you to stick your foot in your mouth. Because there is absolutely no good answer you can ...


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