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If you do not master your destiny, it will master you.
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Round, a little gray, happy, and pleasant lady.  Herbs are my life and powerful they are.

We are in the Age of Aquarius (Thetis).  In Roman legend, Narcissus.  It is the same legend.  Both used the water of River Styx to reflect their "virtue" but their "virtue" was as poisonous as the water. 

The legend and the lesson in human nature are frightening.

Thetis brought her newborn son Achilles to the River Styx hoping to make him immortal.  She dipped him into the water that brought instant death and immortality in the bargain.  To touch this water was death and immortality.  She also touched the water.

Thetis lost her spirit as did Achilles.  Such is the price for meddling with mortality.  Achilles became a warrior and was seemingly invincible, many honorable men died on his sword and he was unmoved by his invincibility.  Achilles was killed by a poison arrow in his heel, the only place the Styx water did not touch. 

Thetis and Achilles both were brought before Zeus.  "As you are immortal, you cannot die.  As you tried to cheat death, you are not numbered among the honored dead.  Thetis is condemned to pour out Styx water so that all might remember her folly.  Achilles is innocent of his mother's misdoing.  He is pardoned."

Thetis, now called Aquarius, resides in the February sky, in the coldest time of year, the time of want, ruthlessness, and starvation, bared with all her faults and calling out for others not to make her mistakes.  She pours poison tears by the bucketful, and there is no end to her tears.  Her only solace is that we might learn from her mistake."

We glean from this that we must approach mortality and immortality with respect.  We must approach all spiritual truth with the same caution as we mortals know virtually nothing. 

Recent history shows this lesson clearly.  Might we learn from this naive soul who learned her lesson a little too late?  Your intuition is your best guide.  Sharpen it!

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MGySgt Edward S. Renner USMC says:
"Thank you for calling me a gallant warrior, although I hardly feel that I deserve it. I find your ideas inspired and very practical. For someone who says they are a mystic you have some very down-to-earth ideas, and they work! We need moreof that workable common decency and common sense. Thank you for sharing."
LadyE says:
"Although I am not new age, I appreciate that you understand human nature. A very complex thing to understand."
Anothernonymous says:
"Thank you so much m'lady.. You're too kind. I am very curious concerning your interest in herbs.. Would like to know/ask more.. and believe me, I am not mocking."
Humble says:
"I don't know that I go in for tarot cards and all that, but you have some good sense about you otherwise. Maybe you learned some things I was never taught. I will say you are on target."
Humble says:
"I don't know about all this mysticism, but I see a lot of common sense and common decency in your words. There are a lot of people on AOL Answers who have said wise things but you speak wisdom that only the best among us could know."
fletcherba234 says:
"Well, allow me to say your taste in art is different from mine. However, you make a great deal of sense in what you post. "
Morgan says:
"Indeed you are a pleasant lady and we have herbs in common too bad is it not that the world does not understand we are one? Lady Darko "
Chaplain John says:
"Mystic, God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform. I sense a clean spirit in you. I would caution you against witchcraft, but I do not discern the tendency. I see genuine power. Use it with God's guidance."
Trampo says:
"Thanks for all the thumbs up and the nice compliment! Looks to me like you put Jerome in a real bad scare. He rates it! "
~American~~Patriot~ says:
"Mystic welcome to AOL.Don't reply to jerome.He's like a herpes"
Trampo says:
"You got a lot to say, Mystic. I don't know that I like all this magic stuff but I still feel a clean spirit in you."
n says:
"Mystic, welcome to aolanswers. I like the explanations you have given regarding our growth as spiritual human beings. I hope you enjoy it here."