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Asked: The important Russian festival for Russian women?

What are the main Russian festival? And the most important holidays for Russian women?

Answered: Chinese girl not pretty enough?

I never heard that kind of thing. But I think many Chinese girls are beautiful.

Answered: A 25 year old single mother dating a 20 year old ...

This is not a age gap. It is the love between older sister and young brother.

Answered: What is the definition of proper education?

After receiving education you can make a living by yourself and find out the meaningful things that you like and finish them.

Answered: How does online education work?

You order some classes and have lessons by means of videos. You hand in your homework on the Internet.

Answered: How to tell if a man still loves you when he don't ...

He cared about you. He likes talking with you. He likes meeting you.

Answered: How do determine when your divorce is final?

You don't want to talk to the person any more. When you want help, you will think of him or her.


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