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Answered: Anorexia? Please help!!

I don;t want to gain weight. I know that's the only way to fix this. I just want to be thin and i want to be confident

Answered: Anorexia? Please help!!

Thanks. But do you think i sound anorexic. I don't want to admitt i am but i know i have a problem. I'm still at a healthy weight but that doesn't mean anything.

Answered: Cancer

Yes. If so, one of them were probably a primary and spread to the rest making those secondary. I have never heard of 4 primary cancers all at the same time though..

Answered: Improving Yedda

I would change that you should be able to delete the questions you ask on your acount!!!!!!!!

Answered: I'm worried about my liver

What could this be? Can you please give me an idea?

Answered: What is wrong with me?

UPDATE~~ i have been seeming to forget a lot lately... i will get up nd throw something away and wonder where it went or turn off a light not remember doing it.. it also seems that my muscles jerk ...

Answered: What is wrong with me?

Well i have had my immune system checked. he is my allergy doctor and i dont know exactly what he checked for or levels or anything but im sure he will let us know on my appointment. What could go ...

Answered: What is wrong with me?

Thank you very much. It is rather scary but just like you said. i will do like you said but if i do find something, i would be scared to tell my parents. but i did find some things to do with your ...

Answered: What is wrong with me?

Ad least what do YOU think is the big problem? The lung stuff, the tingling and numbness (i think that has to do with the brain), the stomach, liver, bone marrow? I just want an idea of what it could ...

Answered: What is wrong with me?

Yes they did a CBC and it was all normal. I started to get worried about leukemia. But some guy said to look up aleukemic leukemia. which i guess the immature cells don't show up in the blood, just ...

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