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To be born free is a gift. To live free is a privilege. To die free is our duty.
About Anne Southern:

"The Edge."

"Come to the edge," said their father.

The young ones looked down in fear.

"Come to the edge," said their mother.

The young ones shriveled back.

"It's too far down!" said the youngest.

"We might get hurt!" said the next.

"I just won't do it!" said the eldest.

The father and the mother dragged their children to the edge.

They threw them off one by one.

The wind gathered under their wings.

And the eaglets flew.


GOP Convention Program with Elephant Stomping Donkey


Here are the functional political parties in America.  There are a few extremist left wing fringe groups I didn't mention because they account for such a small part of America and have clear ties to organized crime.


Alliance of Democrats 1900

Democratic Party 50 + DC 1828

Republican Party 50 + DC 1854

International Democrat Union

Libertarian Party 50 + DC 1971

Interlibertarians [2]

Green Party 37 + DC[3] 1991

Global Greens

Constitution Party 37[3] 1992

U.S. Taxpayers' Party 1960


Minor political parties This listing of minor parties does not include independents.  Independents mostly cast "write in" votes anyway.


America First Party * 2002

American Conservative Party 2008

American Freedom Party 2010

American Third Position Party

Americans Elect 2011

America's Party 2008

America's Independent Party

Christian Liberty Party * 1996

American Heritage Party

Citizens Party of the United States 2004

New American Independent Party

Independent American Party 1998

Justice Party 2011

Modern Whig Party 2008

Objectivist Party 2008

Pirate Party 2006

Pirate Party International (observer)

Prohibition Party 1869

Reform Party of the United States of America 1995

United We Stand America

Unity Party of America 2004


There is more to politics than our token Democrat hopes to say.

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Atheists never check out their "sources." If they ever did, they'd cease to be atheists.

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GB is definitely a follower. Leftists never have what it takes to lead.

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In 2010, muslims murdered doctors who came to help Muslim children to see. Did you think Doctors Without Borders would speak FOR the cult that routinely murders physicians? Of course, Muslims lie ...

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Trampo says:
"Good thinking, Southern Babe. You got the case and the facts to prove it. I ain't seen one word yet you said that didn't check out 100%. That makes a lot of great sense and we need more sense here."
MGySgt Edward S. Renner USMC says:
"Never do I cease to be amazed at the clarity of your words or the factual basis on which you rest a very convincing case. It can be dangerous business telling the truth, but it is far worse not to do so."
Rocmike Junior says:
"It took us a lot of work tgo straighten out the mess Obatso made, but we did it despite that fool and all his two faced lies. The way we did it is with the good sense of folks like you. That makes all the difference."
Fred Guenther says:
"Seldom does one of your tender years show your fund of wisdom. It is refreshing to see that youth and wisdom still go so well together!"
Mike Dudley says:
"There is no worthier cause than the US of A. I am glad that some people still know the value of freedom and a secure homeland. If we could have convinced Oama of that 3-1/2 years ago we would still have a great place to live. As of now we are in tatters and it is all the fault of Democrats."