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Answered: Can felons get a consealed carry permit

Each state has different criteria for qualification. In North Carolina you cannot. Go online and go to google and put in the name of your state and then the plus sign (+) and type getting a handgun ...

Asked: HELP! Treat canker damage to pine trees

What is the treatment for canker damage (that is what I think it is) to pine trees (in north carolina)? I have 26 -100 foot tall pines around my house and one by one they are getting this infection ...

Answered: What is wts in medical terms?

Thank you very much for your prompt response. I see this term on my Mom's chart that the home care aide uses and wondered. Thanks again!

Asked: What is wts in medical terms?

What is the medical term wts?

Answered: Samsung Muse (dowload music)

I found the answer and it is as Studer mentioned. My problem was solved when I dragged the filesfrom Windows Media Player to the file MY MUSIC in drive F: which is what my plug in is for the Samsung ...

Answered: What are questions to ask my girlfriend to ...

Ask her, "What do you think about when you lay down at night to sleep?" Or ask her, "What are 10 things you want to do in your life before you die?"

Asked: Samsung Muse (dowload music)

I just bought a Samsung Muse cell phone, Model SCH-706. It has an MP3 player built in, but I cannot and no one else can figure out how to download songs from my Dell computer (Window XP and Windows ...

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