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Asked: Debt Settlement Companies - Good or bad idea

Do you know any BBB rated debt settlement companies? Have you successfully used one?

Asked: ENT. What does it stand for?

Can anyone tell me what RedDirt ENT. is? Or in general what does the acronym ENT. mean in the rap world?

Asked: Kitchen accent color for window sill

Hi Kelly, in your kitchen re-do what exactly is that red color you chose? Thanks.

Answered: What is best way to make bathtub drain faster,on ...

First take the drain cover off and reach down with needle-nose pliers and pull any hair that may be clogging your drain. Then, with about 2-3 inches of water in tub, plunge in a quick motion 3 or 4 ...

Answered: Can you carry a handgun if you are 19 and in ...

I don't really know the answer but I know in most states the minimum age to carry is 21; maybe your exception and the reason for your question is because you are border patrol - no clue on that one ...

Answered: Removing brown spots from lawn

I know there is a pill you can give your dog that is supposed to help. I never could find anything that worked for the female doberman that I lived with. I was told to heavily water the areas the dog ...

Asked: Where can you buy System One X3 auto polish kits ...

Where can you buy System One X3 auto polish kits in Fayetteville, NC?

Asked: 1997 BMW 318ti

Anyone know where I can get a part for a BMW 318ti? They are two little plastic dummy cover pieces, about half the size of a piece of gum. They are near the window switch button on the center console ...

Answered: load needed DLLs for kernel

I used recovery disks and formatted the hard drive. I lost everything.

Asked: load needed DLLs for kernel

Windows couldn't start because of an error in the software. Please report this problem as: load needed DLLs for kernel. Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem? It occurs when I turn on my ...

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